The Trampling (2020)

Promotional illustrations for each of the first three books in "The Trampling" book series written by William Galaini. Responsible for both the character designs and illustrations based on the descriptions written by the author.

Aetherpunk (2020)

Illustration for the Game Master Screen, for the tabletop RPG "Aetherpunk". Also the first illustration of the project so I had to design everything from scratch.

The Line (2019)

Promotional illustration for the audiobook version of "The Line" written by William Galaini. The illustration is representing a mysterious graceful entity coming back in time to fix humanity biggest mistakes.

Short Novels

Some illustrations I did for e-book short novels which got used as both cover and interior illustrations.

Tabletop RPG - Commissions

A small sample of the professional work I did for both players, game masters and studios over the past years.

KNIGHT (2019)

Back in 2019, I was contacted by Antre-Monde Editions to design and illustrate 50 NPCs portraits for their upcoming campaign in their "Knight" tabletop RPG universe. I also painted some of the staff in armor for the Kickstarter campaign.


Personal character design based on one of my characters "Adélia" from the tabletop RPG "Symbaroum". A changeling gentlewoman thief and swordmistress who grew up in a circus troop.


Personal character design based on one of my characters "Vakna" from the tabletop RPG "Symbaroum". A desert priestess of the Sun god "Kir" and assassin.


Personal character design based on one of my characters "Skaäl" from the tabletop RPG "Symbaroum". A changeling dark sorceress, swordmistress and artefacts seeker.


A personal project about a team of alien burglars inspired by underwater fauna and flora. It would take place in some kind of casino in a space opera universe. I wanted to play with a more colorful and funky art direction after having played "Deathloop" and "Disco Elysium".


Personal character design based on one of my characters "Tyv" from the tabletop RPG "Polaris". A genetic human/fish hybrid thief trained to be a commando and working for the secret society of the Trident.


Personal work based on the Sith from "Star Wars". I wanted to represent a more fantasy and less mitilarised version of the siths. Some look more noble, tribal or witch inspired. I also wanted to represent more bodytypes with more skinny, muscular or curvy morphologies. There's also some rough keyframe sketches below.


A series of props I designed and illustrated for the tabletop RPG "Necrobiotic" by Mitchell Wallace. I had a lot of fun picturing these quirky creative equipment items made for the most part out of junk and reanimated bodyparts. What I liked about the project is that it didn't venture into the gore aspect of the idea but more into the fun, unique and colorful aspect of it.


Another personal project I had in mind was to design an idealised version of the sci-fi submarine my crew of characters use in the tabletop RPG "Polaris", the "SQUALE". It is used as a transport/defense vehicle for the squad and also as a transport for contraband alambic jellyfish alcohol. It is far to be finished but it shows a bit of vehicle design.


Back in 2020/2021, I had the opportunity to work on the upcoming videogame "Diablo : Immortal". I did some weapons, artifacts, weapons upgrades and ennemy designs but all of it is under NDA, you'll have to be patient like me to see it.

The Wildsea (2017)

Back in 2017, when I was starting out as a professional, I was hired to concept design an entire universe with it's creator, Felix. Together, we imagined the races, the cultures, the creatures, the ennemies, the scenes of life etc...
In 2021, after other artists illustrated it, one of the projects became a successful kickstarter "The Wildsea". I wasn't involved in the final product but I had a blast preparing the ground for the other artists.


Personal sketches and experimentations.


A very small sample of some of the exercices I do to practice, learn and warm up. The first gallery is mostly screencap/photo studies and the other one is more focused on anatomy.

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